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Hardware Security
Hardware attacks are becoming the method of choice for sophisticated attackers. As security tightens within operating systems and software applications, attackers look to hardware as the next venue for launching cyber-attacks. Hardware vulnerabilities give attackers a unique advantage. Not only are they difficult (sometimes impossible) to correct, but many are outside the reach of regular software-based security solutions.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in hardware-borne attacks. From leaked NSA malware such as DEITYBOUNCE, BULLDOZER, or GreyFish, to over-the-air exploitation of Broadcom WiFi ICs, to run-of-the-mill BIOS malware, hardware attacks are becoming ever more prevalent.

We work with hardware manufacturers to design, implement, and deploy high-security solutions in ASICs and other embedded systems. Our experts perform in-depth audits, identify and correct security flaws, and implement preventative security measures. We adhere to the strictest, most up-to-date guidelines and compliance standards set forth by NIST, ISO/IEC, ENISA,, FFIEC and other regulatory organizations.

Past Publications

AMDFlaws (3/12/2018) - Publication Summary Coming Soon...
On-site Resolving​​​
In-depth security audit of firmware and hardware logic.
Risk Mapping & Compliance Gaps
Identify security vulnerabilities and compliance standards that are not met.
Risk Analysis Report 
Provide a report mapping
the severity and mitigation costs of every vulnerability and compliance gap discovered.
You choose what to fix 
Customer selects which issues to address and prioritizes them.

Off-site solutions 
A dedicated off-site team will assist as needed in developing custom solutions and mitigations.

On-site resolving
A team of experts will resolve
security issues and compliance gaps on-site.

Oversee security solutions as they go through integration and quality assurance.

Final Audit 
Validate and ensure security objectives are met.

At the end of the process you will know your hardware meets the strictest security guidelines in the industry.

Become a leader in security, reduce risk and cost, and differentiate yourself from the competition.
On-site resolving
A dedicated CTS team of security experts will help resolve issues on-site
Compared to software vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities in firmware or hardware logic carry a much greater risk. Mitigating that risk results in overall cost reduction:

  • Deployment of firmware updates is risky and costly, and organizations often lack the means to do it efficiently.

  • Vulnerabilities in hardware logic may lead to recall or loss of sales. Security vulnerabilities may also affect future sales in security-sensitive industries, such as servers.

  • It is often impossible to remove malware from infected hardware. A firmware update will not suffice, because the mechanism of update can be blocked from within malicious firmware. Infected hardware must often be replaced.

  • Hardware-borne malware is often difficult to detect and impossible to remove. Organizations that suffer a cyber-attack may be left exposed for months or years after the fact.

Off-site solutions
You will have an off-site team dedicated to building the modules
​and infrastructure needed to mitigate current & future risks
Many vendors are already aware of the risk and demand that security guidelines are met before allowing an IC into their designs. CTS can advise and assist in the vetting process.